Body Fluid Spill Kit


BIO HAZARD INFECTION CONTROL Solutions. Clean up kits for vomit, urine, blood. NHS disinfectant.

5 pkt x Disinfectant tablet
5 pc x Superabsorbent granules((10g)
5 set x Plastic scoop and scraper
5 pair x Nitrile gloves
5 pc x Biohazard bag (30cm x 40)
5 set x Plastic scoop and scraper
5 set x Disposable Apron
1 pc x Safety goggle
1 pc x Tab Diluter
1 pc x Instructions
1 pc x Wall mountable carry case


DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT (approx.): 26cm x 20cm x 9cm/1.4kg Kills, for example (this list is not exhaustive): Bacteria: E. coli; Listeria; Clostridium difficile; MRSA; Klebsiella pneumoniae; Pseudomonas spp; Shigella sonnei; Campylobacter; Spores: Clostridium difficile Viruses: Hepatitis B; HIV; Avian Flu; SARS; Norovirus Fungi: Aspergillus Niger


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