Bow Shackle Screw Pin Type


Bow Shackle Screw Pin Type

  • Shackles are the primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging, as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected or disconnected quickly.
  • Bow Shackle is an ‘O’-shaped metal link that is closed by a bolt. Similar to an Anchor Shackle, the rounded design of both.
  • shackles allow Bow Shackles to take loads from many directions without developing a side load.
  • Manufactured from technically advanced micro-alloy steel with optimal hardness for strength and ductility.
  • Hot-dip galvanized or electric galvanized.
  • Working load limit is permanently shown on every shackle.
  • Max proof load is 2.2 times the working load limit.
  • Third-party testing and certification is available upon request.


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