Haws 7500 Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash 16G

Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash


Haws 7500 Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash, 16 gallon

  • Haws portable Model 7500 is ideal for remote locations.
  • Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for a full 15 minutes at .4 GPM (1.5 L), this model is a reliable source for safety.
  • Recognizing the 7500’s full patterned flushing feature, those working in remote areas can’t help but feel confident with this piece of emergency equipment day after day.
  • Featuring an FDA approved high-density green polyethylene tank easily activated by pulling the yellow activation arm down to the open position.
  • A wide-fill opening with a threaded cap permits easy inspection, cleaning, and filling.
  • Relocation is simple due to the easily mounted (bracket included) and light design of this 16-gallon portable.
  • Measurements: 22-1/2″ high, 21-1/2″ wide, 19-1/2″ deep (57.2 x 54.6 x 49.5 cm).
  • Certified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.


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