IBC Spill Pallet BB1FW

IBC Spill Pallet With 4-Way FLT Access BB1FW

IBC Spill Pallet with 4 Way FLT Access – BB1FW

Manufactured from medium-density polyethylene this robust spill pallet has 4-way forklift access and an integral tray to catch drips from the IBC tap. The unit also comes complete with a removable plastic mesh deck, has a broad range of chemical compatibility, and as you would expect fully complies with all the UK storage regulations.

  • 100% Polyethylene for chemical compatibility.
  • Removable plastic grid for easy cleanup.
  • Forklift pockets to aid transportation.
  • Length: 1340mm
  • Width: 1230mm
  • Height: 1090mm


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