Matsuda B100

Wall Mounted Eye Washer, GI

Matsuda B100 Wall Mounted Eye Washer

  • EN 15154-1:2006
  • EN 15154-2:2006
  • Controlled, Low Velocity Flow Completely Rinses Eyes & Face is Not Injuries to User.
  • Eye Washer Unit Deliver 11.5 Liters of Water Per Minute.
  • Protect Spray Heads from Airborne Contaminants.
  • Valve Actuator Are Easy to Locate & Readily Accessible to User.
  • Hands-Free Stay Open Valve Activate Within One Second.
  • Connect Unit to Uninterruptible Water Supply Delivering at 3 GPM.
  • Two Spray Heads, Each Head Has a Dust Cover, Internal Flow Control, & Filter to Remove Impurities from the Water Flow.
  • ½” Stainless Steel Stay-Open Ball Valve.
  • The Valve is Activated By a Flag Handle.
  • The Unit Remains in Operation Until the Handle is Returned to the Closed Position.
  • 11-½” Diameter. Bowl is ABS Plastic.
  • Wall Mounted Eye Washer is Using in Rushing to Deal With An Emergency.
  • Quickly Cleaning the Deleterious Material Attached to the Eyes.


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