Sofamel SZ-51M Electrical Incident Rescue Kit

Sofamel SZ-51M Electrical Incident Rescue Kit

Sofamel SZ51M Rescue Kit is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working in a high-voltage environment. The kit includes all the necessary rescue tools such as insulated stool, a voltage detector with pole, and a rescue pole. These tools allow you to work safely and efficiently in any situation.

  • 1 BS-45 rescue pole
  • 1 5-36 kV voltage detector with pole
  • 1 plastic case for gloves
  • 1 pair of class 3 gloves (dielectric)
  • 1 SZ-57 insulated wire cutter
  • 1 pipette
  • 1 45 kV insulated stool
  • 1 pair of insulating shoes
  • 1 first aid plate
  • 1 instruction plate


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