Road Barrier Net

Barrier Net

Road Safety Barrier Net

This barrier & warning net fence is a cost-effective fence that is as flexible in its uses as it is physical. Surround construction sites or use it to divert foot traffic for crowd control at sporting events, concerts, fairs, or carnivals. UV protected, easy to install & remove, and highly visible. We have a lightweight visual warning net barrier suited for use around construction sites or in crowd-control applications. A highly noticeable barrier with oval mesh openings, Guardian is UV protected. Also, we have a heavy-duty barrier net, which is designed for protection around construction sites and manholes, or for use as a property delineator. Moreover, its bright orange color is sure to be noticed and its manufacturing process guarantees strength and durability.

  • Barrier net orange 26MM x 100MM x 1M x 50M
  • Barrier net orange 40MM x 100MM x 1M x 50M
  • Barrier net yellow 26MM x 100MM x 1M x 50M
  • Barrier net yellow 40MM x 100MM x 1M x 50M
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