Safemax Steel Screw Locking Karabiner

Steel Screw Locking Karabiner

Safemax Steel Screw Locking Karabiner

  • Carabiners are widely used in rope-intensive activities such as climbing, sailing, hot air ballooning, rope rescue, construction sites, window cleaning, whitewater rescue, etc.
  • They are made from both steel and aluminum.
  • Those used in sports tend to be of a lighter weight than those used in commercial applications and rope rescue.
  • There are three broad categories of locking mechanisms for carabiners: auto-locking, manual locking, and non-locking.
  • Locking carabiners have the same general shape as non-locking carabiners but have an additional mechanism securing the gate. These mechanisms may be either threaded sleeves (“screw-lock”), spring-loaded sleeves (“twist-lock”).


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