Salisbury Electric Gloves Class 2

Electrical insulating gloves class 2, maximum working voltage 17000V, test voltage 20000V, black in and out

Salisbury Electrical Rubber Gloves Class 2

Salisbury production facilities manufacture rubber insulating gloves that comply with the highest possible standards and regulations. Salisbury rubber insulating gloves have earned the reputation for superior performance – meeting and exceeding the requirements for current ASTM D120 specifications. Our gloves are tested following ASTM D120/IEC903 specifications. Voltage Gloves Manufactured with Pride in America. SALISBURY is the global leader in the manufacture of electrical insulating rubber gloves.

  • Meet ASTM D120 and IEC/EN 60903 standards
  • All ASTM voltage classes are available.
  • Single and two-color gloves available.
  • Full range of sizes, including half sizes.
  • Our Salisbury exclusive Type II Salcor® glove in Class 00 & 0


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