Tesa Insulating Tape Electrical PVC tape

Tesa 56190

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Tesa 56190 Insulating Tape Electrical PVC Tape

Tesa Insulating Tape is an electric PVC tape available in 5 different colors. It is ideal for repairing, insulating, and bundling all types of electric cables.

  • For insulating and binding electric cables.
  • Protects cable coverings.
  • Flame-retardant.
  • Easy to wrap and mold around uneven surfaces.
  • Safe electrical power protection up to 6.000v
  • Certified according to IEC Norm 454-3-1

tesa® Insulating Tape is an electric PVC tape available in four different colours. It serves as a universal electrical insulating tape for all kinds of cables, such as power cords, speaker cables and headphone cables. Use it to temporarily repair a damaged power cord in order to restore its electricity safety. It is also ideal to colour code the wiring of entertainment systems or computer equipment. In many situations it is even ideal for insulating electrical household devices, such as toasters, coffee machines.


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