Ultra Bond Fixtrong 2K EX-1050

Heavy duty two component tile & stone adhesive for flexible application


Ultra Bond Fixtrong 2K EX-1050

  • Concrete.
  • Lightweight blocks.
  • Stone walls (cleaned & prepared).
  • Cement-based plaster and renders.
  • Gypsum board.
  • Glazed tiles.
  • Wood agglomerates.
  • Aluminium coverings and steel plates.
  • Ceramic & terrazzo tiles (after preparation) over difficult substrates such as cement board, gypsum, wood, primer is required, consult company for advice. Where thermal and dimensional variations are expected.
  • In vibrating areas.
  • For external & internal waterproof tiling.
  • Where resistance to chemical aggression is required.
  • Available packing: A 20Kg powder + B5Ltr chemical.


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